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My name is Karin Theissen and designer bags are a big passion of mine. From tha passion the idea was born to sell second hand designer bags online, especially CHANEL bags.
I sell CHANEL bags on this website:, but also on different auction- and sellingsites (see 'how it works').
At this way I'm hoping to make a lot of  woman (and man) happy with a lovely CHANEL bag! An investment, but also a buy for years/for your life!

This is one of m personal favourites: CHANEL Timeless Classic 2.55 double flap bag of jersey; in a beautiful red color!

                                                                                     Have fun shopping!                       
                                                                                         Karin Theissen
                                                                           PRELOVED DESIGNER BAGS     

                                                                   'A GIRL SHOULD BE TWO THINGS:
                                                                       WHO AND WHAT SHE WANTS.'
                                                                                        COCO CHANEL

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